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A Day at the Cooperstown Farmers' Museum

Posted by: Cooperstown Getaway
05 Jul

Planning your next visit to Cooperstown, New York? Don’t let the name fool you, The Farmers’ Museum is one of the village’s most popular, fun and fascinating attractions - you won’t want to miss it! With live animals, a historic village, a carousel, and a 19th-century working farm, The Farmers’ Museum offers something of interest for every member of the family. Just look and see all there is to experience and explore…


Main Barn

You’ll be greeted at the magnificent, Colonial Revival-style Main Barn, flanked by twin silos – designed by architect Frank Whiting and built in 1917 of local fieldstone, for the prize dairy herd of Edward Severin Clark. Farmers and others traveled from miles around to see the impressive building and dubbed it “the cow palace.” There you’ll discover an extensive collection of antique tools and so much more! Learn all about how, where, and why food is grown all over our state and how it makes its way to your plate in the museum’s 2016 exhibit “Farming’s New Era: From Field to Table in New York State.” The museum is also the home of the famous Cardiff Giant.


Empire State Carousel

People of all ages enjoy the Empire State Carousel – brought to life by over 1,000 New York artisans and artists. Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, this exquisitely made ride traces the history and native animals of New York State. Located in an extraordinary twelve-sided building, the carousel and its surroundings are a literal work of art. Hand carved animals, eight foot carved murals and stencils beautifully illustrate our state’s history. Known as the museum you can ride on, it’s an attraction you won’t want to miss!


Historic Village

Transport yourself back in time to the 19th century by visiting The Farmers’ Museum’s historic village. It’s a wonderful collection of structures that were originally built in the late 18th and early 19th centuries and later brought to the museum from all over New York State – offering a glimpse of what homes and businesses looked like during that period. Enjoy a leisurely walk through the grounds or stop and meet the knowledgeable interpreters that bring places like Bump Tavern, The Field Blacksmith Shop, Dr. Thrall’s Pharmacy, and others to life.


Lippitt Farmstead

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Farmers’ Museum without a working 19th-century farm on the premises. Lippitt Farmstead consists of two barns and six other buildings – including a lovely farmhouse. Like an actual farm, work on the Farmstead changes with the seasons – discover planting, harvesting, and all the details of farm life in the 1840s. In addition, Lippitt Farmstead also has some cute barnyard animals for visitors to pet and learn about!



The Farmers’ Museum also offers visitors all sorts of interesting and educational programs. Check the date of your visit and see if you can join us for an Americana Academy Workshop – or experience one of our many dramatic interpretation performances. No matter what your age or interests, there’s so much to see and do – to experience and explore - at The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown. You may even need more than one day to enjoy it all!

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