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Hall of Fame Weekend - Tips from Cooperstown Locals!

Posted by: Cooperstown Getaway
03 Jul
There is no doubt that Hall of Fame Weekend is the biggest weekend of the year, every year, in Cooperstown! Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first-timer, we've pooled all of our best tips for getting around and having fun doing it. Take it from us, these Hall of Fame Weekend tips can make your weekend legendary!
Oh, and in case you're wondering, Hall of Fame Weekend 2017 is July 28th - 31st.

Hall of Fame Weekend Tips From the Locals

What to Bring

  • Hall of Fame Weekend essentials. Outside of underwear and socks, make sure you also toss an umbrella, sunscreen & a hat in the suitcase or you may be sorry. Depending on your plans for the Induction Ceremony or parade, a lawn chair may be another handy thing to have.
  • Don't regret your choice in shoes. Comfort reigns supreme - you never know when an unexpected walk may arise, so it's better to wear the trusty old sneakers than the stylish new sandals, trust us!

Hotels & Dining

  • Confirmation is key. Confirm your hotel reservations ahead of time and if you are going to be late, let your hotel know.
  • Reservations are rewarding. Be sure to make dining reservations ahead of time especially when traveling with a group.
  • Skip the lines altogether. A lot of local restaurants and vendors set up right on Main Street offering yummy street food to snack on.
  • But wait, there is more! There are lots of fabulous dining options just off the beaten path that are sure to be less crowded. Surf the Cooperstown Getaway dining page to find some options that are along your Hall of Fame route.

Parking & Transportation

  • #1 Rule - Carpool! This is a MUST. It is hard enough to park one vehicle, let alone more. You'll also want to allow extra time getting around.
  • Forget the yard party, it's yard parking! Lots of locals offer parking in their yards for a fee. It may be a bit costlier, but the convenience just may be worth it.
  • Trolleys, taxis & Uber, oh my! The Cooperstown trolley operates from parking lots on the outskirts of town and can be a great parking solution. Otherwise, check with your front desk about taxis or hop in an Uber. Yes, Cooperstown is now on Uber!

Fame & Fandom

  • Be prepared. You never know who you may bump into in The Village, so have a baseball, autograph book, baseball cards, or whatever you want signed at the ready. Many players work with local shops and vendors to arrange photo ops and signing events, so keep your eyes open!
  • Save your spot. Believe it or not, you can actually set up lawn chairs for Sunday on Saturday afternoon when you arrive. There is a security team there to make sure nothing walks away or gets moved.

Share the Fun with Us

Let us know how it goes! We'd love to see your photos and stories from Hall of Fame Weekend 2017. Stay in the conversation by using hashtag #CoopGetAway and #HOFWKND. Or, tag us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. See you on social media!
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