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Hall of Fame Weekend Dos and Don'ts

Posted by: Cooperstown Getaway
02 Jul
Cooperstown Street
Hall of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown draws thousands of baseball fans from around the world each year to witness history and participate in the events that make the weekend so special. The best way to experience Hall of Fame Weekend, is by being prepared for anything and everything! To help you out, we've compiled our best Dos and Don'ts for navigating Cooperstown - how to find the best eats, where to look to find your favorite players and more!

Hall of Fame Weekend Tip from the Experts


Book early - With the influx of visitors traveling to Cooperstown for Hall of Fame Weekend, it's best to reserve your hotel room as early as possible.
Forget to get confirmation - Confirm your reservation prior to your arrival and be sure to let the hotel know if you'll be arriving late.
Follow these insider tips on finding the best fare in town. There are so many wonderful dining options in Cooperstown that you cannot go wrong with whatever you choose! Peruse the Cooperstown Getaway Dining page for suggested restaurants or ask for recommendations from the hotel staff at the front desk where you are staying.
 Reserve your table ahead of time. Making a reservation is your best bet if you want to avoid waiting to be seated and essential if you plan to dine with a large group.
Forget about the little ones. If you're traveling with youngsters, make sure to look for family-friendly restaurants that have options that will make picky eaters happy too.
 Miss out on the street food! Several local restaurants and area vendors set up booths on Main Street and serve a diverse array of tasty options to snack on while you're exploring The Village.
Transportation and Parking 
Carpool, carpool, carpool. Maneuvering through town and parking lots can be challenging because of congestion. If you're part of a group, designate a vehicle or two to carpool your party to and from events.
 Take the trolley, hail a taxi, or even order an Uber. The Cooperstown Trolley offers service from parking lots on the outskirts of town and makes getting around a breeze. Taxi service and Uber, yes, Cooperstown has Uber, is also available.
 Fret over parking in a local's yard. Seriously. Many local residents offer parking on their property throughout the weekend for a fee. It might cost a bit more but in our experience, the convenience is worth it.
Essentials to Pack
Choose function over fashion. If wearing socks with your sandals gives you ultimate comfort, we're all for it. You'll likely be doing a lot of walking over the weekend so choose footwear that you know you'll be comfortable wearing.

Be weatherproof. It's hard to predict what the weather will be like during Hall of Fame Weekend so it's best to be prepared for it all. Bring along an umbrella, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a light jacket, and sunscreen. A backpack or fanny pack is also a good idea for lugging around items you don't want to carry.
Be without seating options. Lawn chairs and blankets are recommended for the two-to-three hours-long induction ceremony so bring them along.
Forget items for autographing. Be sure to pack that special baseball card, glove, or bat that you've dreamt of having your favorite player autograph just in case the opportunity presents itself. Don't forget a good pen!
Fan Like a Pro 
Plan ahead. Familiarize yourself with the event lineup for the weekend so you can plan an itinerary. Make sure you carve out time for visiting some of the other local attractions too.
Stay on the lookout! There's a good chance you could bump into a baseball legend in The Village! Be prepared with your items you'd like signed. Also, check with the local specialty shops for signing events and photo opportunities throughout the weekend.
Wait until Sunday to secure your spot. Take advantage of being able to set up chairs for Sunday's induction ceremony on Saturday. While seating is unlimited and free, selecting your spot early will ensure you've got a good view. Also, note that security is provided to ensure your seats stay put.
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