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Post-Worthy Experiences in Cooperstown

Posted by: Cooperstown Getaway
08 Oct
Post-Worthy Experiences in Cooperstown
If you don't post a photo on Instagram did it even happen? Cooperstown is one of the most photographically captivating communities in the country thanks to the incredible natural landscape, iconic points of interest, and celebrated charm of America's Most Perfect Village. Whether you're a selfie aficionado or want to capture an epic scenic shot, here's your guide to the best post-worthy experiences in Cooperstown along with a few pro tips on how to get the best images when you visit.

Where to Get Your Epic Shots

Baseball Hall of Fame

For baseball fans, nothing beats a visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The museum provides unique opportunities for taking photographs of life-like baseball legends and memorabilia once used or worn by players.
Pro tip: when the subject is close to the camera, it creates a shallow depth of field. This trick creates a focal point by drawing the viewer's eye to a particular point in the photo and blurs the background. The resulting layered effect adds interest.

Downtown Cooperstown

The community of Cooperstown was bestowed the title of America's Most Perfect Village for a number of reasons including the idyllic downtown area. Historic buildings house quaint boutiques, restaurants, and other businesses along Main Street that provide a charming backdrop for photographs.
Pro tip: don't be afraid of using filters. Filters and editing tools can enhance the look of your photos by allowing you to adjust colors and image features to either create softness or make the subject matter look more defined. Filters can also help create consistency if you're trying to give your feed a specific mood or feel.

Fenimore Art Museum

Rotating exhibitions at Fenimore Art Museum often consist of world-renowned photographers alongside other artists to inspire your creativity. Impeccably manicured grounds and the natural landscape with views of Otsego Lake provide endless opportunities to get behind the lens. Please keep in mind that some exhibitions may not allow photographs to be taken.
Pro tip: place your subject off-center. Even if it is only slightly to one side of the frame, this trick allows the viewer's eye to wander around the main subject and observe other elements in the image that otherwise might be hidden or unnoticed.

Glimmerglass State Park

Glimmerglass State Park, positioned at the northeastern shore of Otsego Lake, is a nature lover's playland and the perfect wildland setting for selfies, actions shots on the water, and images of the picturesque landscape.
Pro tip: be ready to capture the moment. Not all photographs should be perfectly staged. Spontaneous pictures capture the mood of the moment and make for lasting memories.

Otsego Lake

It's probably not surprising that lakes are one of the most photographed objects found in nature. The contrast of the water against the naturescape that hugs the shore provides a beautiful combination of colors and textures. Otsego Lake is no exception. There are hundreds of locations around and on the lake to snap the perfect shot.
Pro tip: take advantage of the magic hour. The minutes just before and after sunset, before daylight completely fades, creates a diffused glow that adds a bit of magic to pictures.

The Farmers' Museum

Take a selfie with a cow or capture an artistic image of one of the historic cottage homes on The Farmers' Museum property. This Cooperstown attraction is brimming with post-worthy photo ops for Instagram as well as subjects that would be well-suited for framing to hang on your wall at home.
Pro tip: angles add interest. Unusual angles, whether set high or low, can dramatically change the look and feel of the image and give it a unique perspective that adds playfulness.

The Otesaga Resort Hotel

Notably one of the most photographed properties in Cooperstown, The Otesaga Resort Hotel is framed by Otsego Lake and the Leatherstocking Golf Course which add to its appeal for capturing an enchanting moment. Not only are the views from the porch and patios stunning, the majestic architecture of the historic hotel makes a beautiful backdrop for aesthetically pleasing photos.
Pro tip: color composition can make an ordinary picture really stand out. Viewers respond to eye-catching colors. Bold, intense and contrasting colors tend to hold the attention of the viewer and make them feel as if they're seeing it for themselves.

Sharing is Caring

The places we've highlighted here are only a handful of the thousands of beautiful locations and attractions around Cooperstown that are ideal for photographing. Sharing is caring so be sure to tag your post-worthy experiences in Cooperstown with #CoopGetAway so we can enjoy your photographs too!
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